Daughter of The King

Last year, I made the mistake of not only neglecting what I knew, but shunning the light God has placed down on the inside of me, for the sake of acceptance. God spoke this word, “shun” so boldly to me, today, and reminded me to take Him wherever I go. No longer will I leave my anointing at home, because it makes people uncomfortable. I’m not “too serious”, I am satisfied with how God made me. If I have to lessen who I am for you to like me, that only means I’ve disregarded God’s greatness for the approval of others’, and that only puts me in a box! A space I refuse to occupy, so if you knew me before, allow me to reintroduce myself, as I am NOT the same confused girl you’re used to, and you will not address me as such. 😘




P.S. Lord, I thank You for growth. I am fearfully and wonderfully made in YOUR image. Thank You for reminding me.


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