I’m not “church hurt”

“And He (Jesus) said to them, you have a fine way of rejecting the word of God in order to establish your tradition!”

Mark 7:9 ESV


While in good conversation with a friend, I realized that I no longer want to attend any church that feeds my EMOTIONS. I want those that are leaders to help me tap into The Word of God, not my feelings. Teach me The Bible, not a sermon on “The struggle is over” so that I can give my last 7 hundred dollars in hopes that The Lord will somehow “bless” me and my family. God gives us all gifts to use in many ways, from exhortation to prophecy, but the problem is, leaders preach a word that gets you excited, only because you FEEL like you’re about to “get something” from God if you do this, or have been through this, so you do it and nothing happens, then you give up. Nothing is ever consistent except this never-ending cycle of going to church so that the “Pastor” can tell us what we wanna hear, so we can act on it, and possibly get what we want out of life.


So we go out into the world and make decisions based off of what we FEEL, and then wonder why nothing seems to work.


THIS is why it’s hard to be obedient/consistent, because we honor the WRONG things. Everything is a quick fix. Sow a seed here, a materialistic prophecy there, or a sermon that screams “God is about to do something BIG”, when people are out here taking their own lives, because of lack of self LOVE and not knowing they have PURPOSE! What ever happened to TEACHING THE WORD OF GOD, so that we KNOW what to pray and pronounce when we suffer from the bondage of a soul tie or an unhealthy addiction??? What ever happened to TEACHING THE WORD OF GOD, so we KNOW how to declare VICTORY over generational curses, and not just lie down and allow our family to be USED by the devil for another decade??? If we’re taught to rely on our feelings, or DOING something to GET something, that only means we’re gonna do what’s right when we FEEL like it. We’ll give/serve when we FEEL like we’ll GET something in return.

God is not an emotion, a feeling, or a quick high. He’s NEVER ending. God is ALL seeing and ALL knowing, which means it is about your HEART POSTURE. Life isn’t some kind of contest to win God over, because you want something. It’s not about who can give the most money or who can be the “holiest” if you “claim” you love God; it’s about salvation, obedience, and having a heart LIKE God. NO, it’s not easy and NO, you won’t make the right decision every time! Wanting only the THINGS of God and nothing else to do with Him, is the problem, and sadly the “church” teaches us more of what God can DO FOR us, than what we can do WITH Him LIVING IN us. That’s why people are constantly frustrated with God, because they DO “what the preacher said” and still see no results. Leaders are no longer preaching/teaching to EDIFY and this is why some don’t understand the whole “going to church thing” because people go faithfully and still don’t change. That’s because the flesh is being fed and not the spirit.

Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Father God, hear my cry when I ask that You create in me a clean heart and renew a RIGHT spirit within me. I pray that as I go into the new year, I begin to choose Your wisdom over my emotions. Help me to see the joy of knowing YOU and having a relationship with YOU, not the “blessings” attached to Your name. Lord, I come to You in hopes that I GAIN knowledge in YOUR Word, which will lead me into a life of expectancy, through GRACE and ABUNDANT love. Help me to carry Your word close to my heart in the year of 2019 and so on.. my desire is that I do not stray from You, but only closer to You and the purpose that You have for me. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.




2 thoughts on “I’m not “church hurt”

  1. Jason Mitchell says:

    Wow! This is great! It’s sad (and kinda ironic) that many people are prioritizing and focusing on the “things FROM God” (material things) instead of the “things OF God” (spiritual things) when in fact, God will give us all of the “stuff” if we seek Him FIRST, above all else. He’s a good, good Father and He doesn’t want us (His kids) to go lacking in any area, we just gotta be willing to follow and be obedient to His Word and Spirit! Thanks for sharing! Keep up the GOD work! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Malisa says:

    Absolutely soul touching & every word powerful & true! I know you’re someone special baby & you’re just beginning to tap into your gift from God. Continue using it & speak the word. 2019 is your year don’t you dare doubt it! 2018 was just a teaser for the great things to come in this year! I love you keep making the world great!

    Liked by 2 people

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