Chapter 27 🎉


Last year, I NEVER thought I’d be here, guys! Ya girl was down bad, but I told myself “You won’t be here next year.” Apart of me didn’t even want to believe it because I couldn’t see it, but God has blessed me so! I’m in a new location, hundreds of miles away from home, with no one to depend on, but Him. Be careful what you pray for because you just may get it! God pushed me directly into the things I prayed for with no plan B! Lol. It’s taught me to roll with the punches and trust God even when I can’t see Him, and my faith has been strengthened because of it!

This year alone has been super personal for me. Tons of growth and development. I’ve learned so much about myself and people I thought I knew. I’ve passed tests I failed countless times before. I’ve learned to WAIT on God for confirmation. I’ve spoken things over my life and watched them manifest, by faith! I’ve become more aware of my purpose and who God has called me to be. I’ve accomplished things I once dreamed of, like attending ‘Woman Thou Art Loosed’ Master’s Class at The Potter’s House of Dallas, where I met Sarah Jakes Roberts! The woman I look up to and aspire to be in many ways! That was a highlight of my life, y’all! *tears* (check my Instagram for pictures) I met so many amazing women, and I got the chance to sit under the leadership and mentoring of people I’ve been looking up to for years! The experience was indescribable, guys.

I’m just so proud that I didn’t give up. I put my big girl panties on and I faced my fears, and I continue to do so. I know it won’t always be easy, but I prayed for this. All of this may seem small to someone, but for me, knowing what ALL I’ve been through?! It’s a huge deal, seeing my growth from the inside out! And the best part about all this is, the year’s not even over, and God’s not through with me yet!! 27 years of life and so much more to come! I’m thankful, grateful, and truly blessed!


2 thoughts on “Chapter 27 🎉

  1. thesunshinethagain says:

    Praise be to God that you’re here to witness yet another year. So proud of you and glad you didn’t give up. Happy 27th birthday dear.
    Keep on keeping on. The Lord is your strength. And have a blessed and wonderful day! Cheers to many many more years to come! 🎉🎊🌸

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