Stop entertaining potential & prepare yourself for the real thing.

Practice makes perfect, right? Sometimes practice can be poison. Testing the waters? Dating with no purpose? Allowing this & that one into your personal space, over & over again? & you wonder why you’re drained, frustrated, & impatient. Love is something we all long for, but continually trying to force something that doesn’t fit will only damage us in the end. There’s a void that needs to be filled, but instead of us allowing God to pour into us, we put our time & attention into meaningless relationships & friendships that only take from us & deposit more insecurities, toxicity, & emptiness into that same void we so badly want to be filled. Naturally, we crave love & physical affection, having someone in the flesh to talk to, because it’s so much easier than trying to connect with God, right? But that will never amount to the love God has for you, & the little bit of love you choose to entertain doesn’t even compare to the soul mate God has set aside just for you. Do you realize what I just said?? JUST FOR YOU. You won’t have to share or fight to be their only one. Not number one, but ONLY one. That’s the joy of waiting on God; it’s ALWAYS worth it. Waiting isn’t fun but the promise is fulfilling.

Dear Lord God, forgive me for believing that I could fill the void. Lord, I give You permission to interrupt the pattern. Help me to put my focus back into You & Your will for my life. Heal my broken heart, Jesus. Hurt people, hurt people & I no longer want to play a part in the break down of myself or others. Wrap me in Your love, God, & remind me of my worth so that I don’t make the mistake of trying to find it in others. The ONLY relationship I need is one with You. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

John 15:13


7 thoughts on “Satisfied

    1. Sha’la Hill says:

      Aweeee! ☺️😍 thank you so much! I just appreciate the fact that you take out time to read it! Thank you! I love you more! ♥️


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