From The Heart

I was sleeping good, but I woke up with a headache & as I was laying here trying to go back, I got frustrated, because two hours later, after meditation with my abide app, listening to a sermon, reading some scriptures on my bible app, I still couldn’t fall asleep. All of a sudden my frustration led to tears & feelings of loneliness, which led me to this prayer. I went straight to my notes in my phone & got to typing. Just thought I’d share for anyone else who has these type of nights.. you may even be up right now, feeling the same exact way..

Lord, fill the voids in my life. Fill every empty part of me that makes me long after anything that is not of you. Heal my brokenness. Put an end to my lustful desires. Everything that I’ve sought after in my life, as a replacement of you, remove it! Hear my prayer, Oh God & renew & restore me. All I need is you. Lord I am begging you to heal me emotionally. I don’t wanna live in bondage anymore. I don’t wanna be a slave to my strongholds anymore. I don’t wanna feel like I need a “physical” thing more than I need you. Your spirit. Your love. Your kindness. I am hurting God. Heal me. Make me whole again. Hear my heart Lord. Hear my cry Lord. I long for you. I search for love & I can’t find it. I search for peace & I can’t obtain it. I search for joy & run with whatever feels good in the moment. I don’t wanna keep doing that. I don’t wanna keep selling myself short for temporary satisfaction. It never lasts, outside of you. It’s never complete outside of you. It’s never whole outside of you. Fill me up God. Less of me & more of you. Take my weaknesses & give me strength. Endurance. Obedience. I believe that nobody else can do it like you can. Lord, my hope & trust is in you. Amen.

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