When Sex Doesn’t Heal Your Brokenness

For anyone else who may need this just as much as I did! 💛

Over and over again I contemplated writing this. Would it be too personal? Would it make people uncomfortable? Is it really necessary to share some of the most personal, intimate, details of my life? These were the three questions that ran through my mind over and over again before I finally opened my computer to write. I began to think to myself how sometimes we as Christians without even knowing it underestimate the power of God’s grace by choosing to hide the not so perfect parts of our lives. When we choose to hide the not so perfect moments of our lives we unconsciously deny the power of what Jesus did on the cross. We unconsciously allow ourselves to become victims of shame and guilt. We unconsciously, without even saying a word communicate to others that what Jesus did on the cross wasn’t powerful enough to deliver and rescue them…

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