Appreciation post 💖

First of all, let me just say THANK YOU for all of your support!!! I never would’ve imagined in a million years, that I’d receive so much feedback from all over the world! 😱 I thank God for placing so many beautiful people in my path to be apart of this journey with me. I honestly thought no one would tune in, but God is continuously connecting the dots. 😍

Six months ago, I was a mess. I was super insecure about even starting my blog, but God wouldn’t allow me to talk myself out of this one. Rarely do I get personal on here, because my blog isn’t about me, or what I like to do in my free time, it’s about what God places on my heart to help heal & encourage others. Everything God leads me to share, I’ve either experienced in the past, or He is simply giving me revelation on something I’m going through at that time, because someone needs it!

I am beyond grateful, because I am nowhere near the same person I was when I started! I’ve leveled up, mentally, spiritually, & especially emotionally (THANK GOD) I don’t care what my life LOOKS like to anyone else, because I KNOW how FAR God’s brought me! Last year, I couldn’t even place my mind on being where I am today. I was so broken & out of order last year, y’all, I couldn’t even imagine being as accomplished as I am right now. 💛

Accomplished because God spoke & I obeyed.

Accomplished because I stepped out of my comfort zone.

Accomplished because I started something & didn’t stop.

I’m setting goals & meeting them!!! Wow! Who ever would’ve thought! I’m the type to give up, so just the fact that I’m committed & haven’t left my goals idle, is MAJOR for me! You can do it, too! No matter, how small, if it means something to you, it means something to God, & that’s what counts!!

Overall, I just want to encourage you to do what’s been placed on your heart. It may seem unrealistic, uncomfortable, impossible, or even insignificant, but GOD will make it happen for you. All you have to do is start! Don’t keep putting it off & don’t give up on it! If you have a bad day, or make some not so good choices, don’t dwell on it! If you don’t feel driven, push PASS your feelings! The call on your life is greater than just you. There are people who NEED what you have to offer. Yes, YOU. 😊

Once again, thank you for your time & all of your positive feedback! Every like, share, comment, message, & email means the world to me! More than anything, I wish you God’s PEACE & EVERLASTING love!

Philippians 1:6 🦋

18 thoughts on “Appreciation post 💖

  1. Sirwitty says:

    Congrats ! Love to see all of your growth and dedication. I knew from the beginning of us talking you was on a great path in life filled with beauty and love. Keep speaking from God and having the bliss all around you. Staying dedicated and consistent is a true blessing that helps make all your dreams reality. Proud of you ! Thankful to have you in my life and getting to view your journey is a pleasure. 😃🤗 Be blessed . Keep going and stay great.

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    1. Sha’la Hill says:

      Ah man, thank you so much!! 😌 you’ve definitely known from the beginning, how much this means to me. You’re one of God’s special people, who inspired me along the way. Thank you for that! Your support means a lot! You keep being the positive, pure soul that you are!
      God bless you. 💛


  2. Jason Mitchell says:

    This is GREAT! I LOVE IT! This post is speaking to me in ways you will never know…you have truly been an inspiration to me these past few months. I have really been blessed by your posts…thank you for your obedience to God and thank you for sharing! Keep up the GOD work!! 😆

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    1. Sha’la Hill says:

      Wow, thank you so much. We have inspired each other! You’ve been so supportive & I truly appreciate that!
      I can’t wait for you to get your blog up & running!!! You always get me together, real quick! Lol thank you for all of your positive feedback. It keeps me going!

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  3. Jasmine Corbin says:

    Hey Shala I miss you and congrats honey God is really using you… I see great things ahead of you blogs turn into books thank you for your wisdom for young women like me.

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    1. Sha’la Hill says:

      Awweee Jas!!! I miss you more boo! It’s been a blessing getting to know you, sharing our stories, with no judgement involved. You have been a faithful supporter & I appreciate it soo much!!
      Blogs turn into books.. I like that! You better speak into my life girl! Lol


  4. Tiarra Brown Osei says:

    Wow! This encouraged me a lot!! I, too was once that insecure, fearful woman who was afraid to step out and do what GOD called me to do. I battled for weeks before starting my blog because like you, I thought no one would care about what I had to say but one thing that I’m learning is that the more you step out, the more confident you become. A lot of the times GOD calls us to do something out of our comfort zone to show us just what He has placed on the inside of us. As a daughter of the King you have EVERYTHING you need on the inside of you to win. Keep believing and keep winning!

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    1. Sha’la Hill says:

      Wow, amen, amen. To God be all the glory. So thankful that God never gives up on us, even when we don’t have confidence in ourselves. He continues to nudge at our spirit, which eventually pushes out greatness from us. 💛 I love it!
      Thank you so much for reading. God bless you!!

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