Honesty hour ✨

I didn’t know who I was before, so I didn’t know what I had to lose. I struggled with the need to be accepted, so I accepted anything. I took on tasks that served me no purpose. I entertained friendships, relationships, & activities that added no value to my life. I broke promises I made to myself because I had no drive, no focus, & no strategy. I somewhat had a plan, but no provision, so I let that stop me. My intentions were good, but I couldn’t execute what I hadn’t fully given my all to..

I was saying one thing & doing another. I chose to ignore what I knew for what was more comfortable. I made terrible decisions, then beat myself up about them. I went to God with the same old prayer, asking for forgiveness of the same old things! My life became one still circle. I would pray for a way out, then when the opportunity presented itself, I compromised with sin.

See, what you magnify, you get more of! & I chose to feed my corrupt nature. I chose to be who people said I was. I adapted to my surroundings, & I dimmed my light for the sake of others’ comfort, instead of being unapologetically chosen, gifted, & bright! I lost myself trying to please others, but God interrupted all that! Instead of keeping my mouth shut & moping in guilt & shame, I made the choice to confess my sins, lay down my burdens, & reap the benefits of God’s precious grace!!! (Everlasting love, peace, & joy) from that day forward, I chose to put one foot in front of the other, REGARDLESS of how I FELT or what life LOOKED like, & because of that, I AM FREE!!!

My prayer is that someone was inspired by this. I pray that you wake up from that slump & surrender to God! It is not too late. You are not too deep in sin, too far astray, or too messed up to be forgiven, set free, & made whole by God. I pray that you give up the need to CONTROL your life. God knows what’s best for you! God’s plans for your life are far greater than your BEST days of dreaming!!!!! If you can dream it, HE can DO it!! Please, let go & let God. He’s waiting on you, with open arms.

1 John 1:9 🦋

19 thoughts on “Honesty hour ✨

  1. Wow! This is BEAUTIFUL! Alot of us can’t experience the FREEDOM of God because we aren’t being “honest” with ourselves…we waste time when we continue to “lie”, which keeps us stuck in the cycle of BONDAGE, neglecting the fact that His Word says (John 8:32) the TRUTH will make you FREE! Thank you for sharing, this is great! Keep up the GOD work!

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    1. Oh my, you said something then!!!! That summed up my whole blog! Lol that’s golden! Thank you so much for all your support & feedback! I truly appreciate it! God bless you! ✨

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      1. Ok girl …. I absolutely LOVED THIS!!! You are speaking my whole life !!!! I really like the fact that you were so upfront and honest with yourself to know where you faulted at. You didn’t just acknowledge it but you acted on it ! I don’t jnow you from a hole in the wall but I AM PROUD OF YOU!! From one Black woman to another I am truly happy for your growth !

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      2. Wow, thank you so much!! To God be all the glory! It means the world to me, to touch people’s lives in any way possible. I was kinda hesitant to be so open & honest, but God said it was time! I’m so glad you took something from it. Your feedback made my day!! 😘💕

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  2. I’m just overwhelmed with emotions right now just to know I birth you a beautiful, SPIRIT led, Woman of God. You DEFINITELY are a Kingdom Woman & I know u will do Mighty WORKS for our Lord & Saviour. I have always been proud of you & now I’m just even prouder to call u my daughter. Continue spreading God word & lifting up His Kingdom no MATTER what.

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    1. Aweeee ma, that is so sweet. You gonna make me cry lol. Thank you for taking out the time to read & comment. I really appreciate it!! As always, I am grateful for our relationship & the love you give & show me. I thank God for you! I wouldn’t be who I am without you! 💛


  3. I wish when I was your age I had the courage to be so open and honest with God as you are now. I am now because of the relationship I have with His son JESUS & the Holy Spirit which lives inside of me. Had I been open & honest then I would have been spared alot of heartache and pain. But I THANK GOD it’s never to late to change as long as you have the heart to change. I’ve fallen many times in my life but NOW I know how to get back up and be still & stand firm in the word of God. I know who holds the Power NOW & that same man encourages me, doesn’t judge me & set me free too! (John 8:32) Thank you Father for your son JESUS blood! Thank you baby for those BEAUTIFUL WORDS of wisdom!

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    1. It’s okay! We’ve all been there. Just take it with love & apply it to your life. 💛 I’m glad you got something from it!


  4. G’day Shala I hope you having a good week, thanks for sharing.

    Yep you sure were honest in this post! – ” I chose to ignore what I knew for what was more comfortable. I made terrible decisions, then beat myself up about them. I went to God with the same old prayer, asking for forgiveness of the same old things! My life became one still circle. I would pray for a way out, then when the opportunity presented itself, I compromised with sin.” I think many Christians will understand what you have said here, we are all guilty of this at different times.

    Its sad to see believers making those choices and nothing else, following Christ from a distance and hiding in the dark.

    That’s a great peace of scripture you have chosen, the promises that comes with us going to him are awesome. Good stuff for keeping in step with the spirit

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    1. Thank you so much! You’ve brightened my day! My week has been slow, but steady. I can’t complain. I definitely had to keep it real on this post, still being led by God, because this is what people need. They need to know that we’re not perfect & we’ve all been there! It was so satisfying to put this out & just have people relate. I’m thankful that you found some good in this. Thanks for all your support! 💛💛

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  5. Came across your blog, and how I can relate to you?! Exsept I’m not moping or making excuses anymore, I am moving forward. I am making changes, and action predicates results. Faith without action is dead, but with action, it makes all the diffetence. Thank you being you, and inspiring others to breethe. I am your new follower 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you so so much! Your words were beautiful. I am also on the same path. I once thought it was so hard to just move forward, until I stopped making excuses. It has been such a relief to simply have faith & trust God instead of struggling & worrying every step of the way. I finally tried faith & there was no turning back. Thank you so much for the follow & your feedback. God bless your soul! 💛

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      1. When you go through foolishness, you treasure wisdom that much more. We had to go through it, we had to learn the value, and if it’s through foolishness, then so be it! I was blessed by your transparency, thank you for being real ♡♡

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      2. Yesss oh my gosh. That is so true!! I used to be sooo ashamed! I brought every ugly thing to God & he accepted me!! Now I can be thankful for every wrong decision, bc of where they led me. Right to Jesus!!!! 🙌🏽
        Thanks again for your time. 💛

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