A sinner’s prayer

Romans 8:35-39

Nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God! If you know or have heard anything about God’s word, I’m sure you’ve learned of His forgiveness. We say to ourselves, how will or how can God truly forgive me for ALL I’ve done? Some of us would say, mean, I’ve done it all. I am in no shape or form, prepared to ask God to forgive me for all my mess, & even when I do, how do I stop sinning? How do I stop going to God for forgiveness for the same things? I don’t think I’ll ever be good enough for God, so I’ll just keep living the way I’m living.

The devil is a lie!!


You are NOT reaching for an unattainable goal! I want you to know that you don’t have to “fix” yourself up for God. You don’t have to wait til you’re done drinking or smoking to get saved & gain a relationship with God. No matter what you do or have done, you can still choose God, right here & right now! No sin is too deep. No generational curse, no spirit of bondage, no suicidal thoughts, no addiction, no lustful desires, no shameful past or present can stop you from a right now relationship with God! Don’t allow the devil to talk you into believing that it’s “too hard” to live for God. You don’t have to be perfect to be accepted by Him. He accepted you in your mother’s womb! He knew you’d fall short. He knew you’d possibly become angry with Him & turn your heart away from Him, & He created You still!!! He still loves you enough to forgive you. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about saying God, I’ll do better. I know I’ll fall short, but when I do, help me to get up & keep running towards You instead of what distracted me. I encourage you to get Romans 8:35-39 deep down in your heart & believe that God loves you & wants you to come to Him just the way you are! Don’t hide your flaws, take them to Him! He’ll work them out for your good!

Prayer: Lord, I pray for every heart & mind that comes across tonight’s blog. I pray that after recieving these words, lost souls come chasing after You. Teach us how to be one with You, God. Give us hearts of worship. Hearts that eagerly want to do better, regardless of thinking we’re not worthy enough. Lord, we want to be wise enough to make the right decisions. Help us to get to the root of what’s holding us back from pleasing You. Eliminate our distractions. Place more godly ppl in our lives. That one thing that I feel like I can’t let go of on my own, take it from me, Jesus. Change my appetite towards it. I NEED Your help. I’m not strong enough to tackle this on my own. Order my steps, Lord, so that they may be made pleasing in Your sight. Help me to be an example amongst my friends & family. I want to implement REAL change & growth. I’m so tired of the same old thing. Have Your way with my life, Lord. That’s the only way things will get better. I pray this prayer in high hopes of a fresh, new start! In Jesus name, Amen.

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