Good conduct

We must know how to conduct ourselves in order to have good conduct with God.

God dropped this little nugget in my spirit today, as I was studying, & it may sound obvious to you, but it was profound for me, bc of what followed this statement. So I looked up the word conduct, & the first definition is “The manner in which a person behaves especially in a particular occasion or particular context.” The second definition is “The action or manner of managing an activity or organization .” (We’re God’s organization.)

So immediately, God began to show me how we conduct ourselves so recklessly. We’re ungrateful, prideful, disobedient, we love money & pleasure more than we love God, we have no self control, we have a form of godliness, but still deny God’s power! But yet, we want a “good report” from Him. We carry on like there’s a “worldly” way of representing God. There’s nothing secular about being holy. We use the excuse of “I’m not perfect” when all we have to do is say “Lord, perfect my flaws.” Don’t expect to turn into a Saint over night, but as long as you’re sincere about change, & everyday you’re making a conscious effort to make better choices, God will show up in your life & deliver you from some bad habits. We have to get serious about which direction we’re headed in. Do you wanna keep living in the past? Still hoping something changes? The past is the past, beloved, leave it there! Do you wanna stay stagnant? Having to take the same test over & over again, bc you just won’t learn your lesson? Or do you wanna say “God, give me the strength to drop my old ways & commit to the way You would have me to go.”? All it takes is a little bit of genuine effort. You don’t have to promise God that you’ll be a preacher next week or even next year; just show God that you have a willing heart, & He’ll do the rest. Don’t worry about mistakes either! Saying “I’m gonna mess up” or “I’m not good enough.” is what’s gonna keep you stuck! Learn from the mistake & keep it pushin’! Consistency is key!

Prayer: Lord, You said in Your word that even if I have faith as small as a mustard seed, I can move mountains, so I ask that You take my little faith & move sinful nature, fear, doubt, & defeat out of my way! With the power of You that is in me, I will overcome the ways of the world, & I will be transformed by the renewing of my mind, in Jesus name. Amen.

Here’s a 21 day bible plan that helps determine the steps we should make when moving towards a more godly lifestyle.

Join me in reading Choices:

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