I’m trying not to feel lost. I mean, I don’t. I just feel like everyone is so far ahead in the race, yet I can still see them & feel the energy from their fading footsteps.. getting further & further away from me, while I’m here, taking care of everyone that crosses my path. Lord, why is that? Isn’t that slowing me down? I learn from it, yes, but who’s here to help me? Where’s the encouraging for the encourager? Who’s gonna fill me up when I get empty? Oh yeah, that’s You again.. 😍 Lord, You are my confidence, my healer, my mind regulator. You bring me back to life. You make all things new. Sometimes I get a little stingy with my gift, but then I remember, it’s not mine, it’s Yours! It’s for Your ppl! How dare I hold back? No, I won’t be used & abused, but every person that I meet or allow into my personal space should encounter a piece of You, in me, bc that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Why else do I live? That’s what gives me complete & total happiness, so no matter how overwhelming it may become, I will pick myself back up & go to You, Lord, for strength. Your ppl need me. Yes, me. I think highly of myself IN YOU, bc I know what You do through me. No matter how small, I get joy in ministry. I’m at peace knowing that I’m doing what You ask of me.

Now God, I pray that I don’t sabotage this gift. Equip me to handle it with care, bc my heart is delicate & my flesh is weak. Fill my spirit with the strength to endure & discernment to know. Lord, I don’t want to be naive to the enemy’s tactics. Reveal the true motives to me, of ppl who mean me no good; ppl who only come to take advantage. Lord help me to remove myself with grace, from the lives of ppl I thought I couldn’t live without. Turns out they weren’t meant to be apart of where You’re taking me. Protect my peace, God. Cover me with Your wings & don’t allow me to overshare or expose my heart & mind to things that are toxic to my overall growth. I speak clarity concerning my life & what I allow in it. Lord, thank you for hearing me when I pray. In Your son Jesus’ name, Amen.

Side note: Know the difference between example & exhaustion. If it’s costing you your peace, let it go. If you’re trying to be a light in someone’s life that constantly drains you, let it go. & Don’t sit down on your God given gift, bc you feel as if you can’t get through to them, either! You can’t save them, only Jesus can. 😇

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