Love Yours

Compare: to estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between.

So earlier today, The Lord dropped this word in my spirit, bc I was thinking about something & immediately I began to compare myself, & doubt crept in. At first, it was a good thought. Thoughts of what The Lord has done in me so far & all the possibilities to come bc of me applying myself, but quickly I began to wonder. Although in my head I was comparing myself to someone whom I aspire to be, someone who motivates me, I still allowed a discouraging thought to take over & turn my admiration into comparison, which awakened unnecessary insecurities. (that’s never good.) My “I’m choosing to be a better me.” Somehow turned into “but I’m not her.” & The Lord began to show me just how comparison of ourselves to anything other than His word can bring us great fear, disappointment, & discouragement. I looked at her & I said “I should be there.” & I probably won’t get there bc I didn’t learn from my mistakes as fast as she did; I missed my chance. I’m not as smart as her. I don’t have the connects that she has. My reputation may not be as good as hers seemed to be. I probably waited too late to even think I have the chance to be anywhere as excellent as she is.

My thoughts were instantly interrupted with The Lord’s reassuring voice. He said, don’t compare yourself to anyone. You are everything & more IN ME. Stand on My Word. Take your imperfections & come face to face with My Truth, like a mirror & allow ME to show you who you are. My corrections are through love, not shame. I am here to secure your confidence in me, not to display & pick apart your flaws. You downplay the originality I have placed in you, by comparing yourself to others. I AM GOD. I made all my children different, for a reason. There’s something ONLY YOU can do, have you thought about that? Don’t worry about where she’s at, bc although you may be similar, there’s some things you’ve encountered that she hasn’t. THAT is your power. I am your God. I bared it all on the cross for YOU. There is NOTHING I can’t carry you through.

I wiped my tears & I thanked Him for reminding me, bc I often feel like I can’t get to where He’s called me to be bc I compare myself to ppl who are already in that place that I desire. It’s okay to wanna be like somebody, but don’t allow their walk to alter yours. Compare yourself to God’s word. The TRUTH will help you to know exactly where you are & what you need to do to get to where you’re going, without making you feel like “there’s no way I’ll ever be that.” God’s got a clever way of showing you things, you just gotta believe that what you see will come to pass. 💙

Prayer: Lord, thank You for loving me in-spite of. I have wanted to be in someone else’s shoes bc their life seemed better, & You still loved me, anyway. Lord, help me to embrace my entire being. Show me how to love myself & appreciate the gift of life that You have chosen just for me. When I get insecure, wrap me in Your arms. Remind me that I will be everything You have called me to be. Resting in assurance, I pray these things in Your son Jesus’ name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Love Yours

  1. poeticallyyours360 says:

    I must say, I can appreciate your transparency, your detailed thought process and the fiery arrow of the enemy. Another good scripture to apply is “He (God) that began a good work in me is faithful to finish it. We did not deliver ourselves, God called we answered and now he shapes us and gets us where we should be not where we think we should be. Thank you, he help to remind me, and his truth keeps flowing.
    Another is: the steps of a righteous man/woman is order by God! Sometime I don’t know where to step or what to choose. What if David, said I want or need a staff like Moses? He would not have used the sling shot to defeat Goliath. Keep trusting and allowing God to put you on the potter’s wheel. Be Blessed. I like your new photo: Bright illuminating smile.It made me smile too. lol

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    1. Sha’la Hill says:

      Awe man Glory to God! Thank you so much for that feedback. It is truly a blessing to know what people get out of my writings. Thank you for taking out the time to read & add the perfect scriptures!
      & thank you for the kind compliment. I’m blushing lol. I’m learning to smile often. It spreads more joy. 😊
      God bless you! 💛

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