I’m on week 5 with this whole blogging thing (that I LOVE!) & God decided to give me something a little different this time. This blog will be informational. 😇 I’m gonna break prayer down into 3 simple key points that I believe will help you to better understand how to pray & what to expect out of it. If you’re anything like me, my prayer life was once a mess. Thank God I’ve grown & learned along the way, bc no, our prayers don’t have to be perfect or long, or “dressed up”, they just have to be sincere. Here’s how we make that happen. 😇

  1. Forgiveness/Repentance: Always ask God for forgiveness (Mark 11:25) of anything you have said, done, or thought that is not pleasing in His sight. Do a heart check! Ask God to search your heart so that your motives are pure before you go into prayer. Now, if you need to repent, understand that repentance is an act of turning away from sin. It’s not just “I’m sorry.” I’m sorry sometimes means we have no remorse. 😕 yes, we all fall short, BUT if you’re gonna repent, be sincere about it. Let that thing go into the hands of God & FIGHT to stay free from it.
  2. Believe: Realize WHO you’re praying to! Why even pray if you don’t believe?! Sometimes our flesh gets the best of us & we feel like our problems are too much for God to handle. (Bizarre, I know. He’s GOD!) but doubt & worry will do that to us! Have faith that God will do exceedingly & abundantly above ALL THINGS that we could ever ask or think! Now just imagine all the things we think about, that we believe is far fetched, especially concerning our future; God can do every bit of that & more!!!! Wow! 😩
  3. Watch/Wait: We’ve made sure that our heart was in good standing, we’ve prayed with faith & believing power, now its time to wait in expectancy, but also watch out for the enemy! Now that we’re believing God for something, the devil’s gonna try to play tricks with our mind. He’s gonna try to mess up our vision with doubts & distractions that will set us back or cause us to lose sight of the goals we had set to accomplish. It’s important to pay close attention during this stage, & not get discouraged, bc God doesn’t always answer our prayers right away. Sometimes we have to wait, & it is in your waiting that you will build strength, courage, & a better relationship with God.

I am so happy that this helped someone! Now that you’ve got the tools, put them to work! 🙏🏽💙

Scriptures that relate to each key:

  1. Acts 3:19, 2 Corinthians 7:10, Revelation 3:3, Romans 2:5, Psalm 51
  2. Isaiah 40:31, John 20:31, Mark 11:24
  3. Psalm 27:14, Micah 7:7, Lamentations 3:25-26

P.s I like to read in NLT (New Living Translation) or ESV (English Standard Version) bc they’re easier for me to understand, sometimes than King James Version.

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